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“I am so excited to be offering this program by supporting you in your growth and development. I have some some great mentors myself and could not have walked this journey without them. If you are serious about growing your business, want to see your ideas become reality or just want more out of what you are already providing, then take the leap and join me on this great adventure.” - Renee

After more than two decades working in the Doula and Education space and years in hospitality management prior to that, Renee Adair, Founder and Director of the Australia Doula College is offering a truly informed and enlightening one on one sessions. 

You will have a golden opportunity to learn from Renee one on one setting. This mentorship program can be undertaking in person or over zoom and email so you can be anywhere in Australia or New Zealand to take this offer up. 


So many people come to this heart work and struggle with the business and logistical side of the work. Renee, having made a solid and reputable imprint in the industry, can not only help you grow your business, whether you have been around years or are new to the industry but will also be able to help you dive deeper and explore internally. Helping you move the obstacles that are holding you back.

How it rolls:

1st session 

The Ideas lab!

Who are you and want do you want?


2nd session 

Just do it!

Setting up and being successful in business &

exploring what holds you back


3rd session

Burn out is a thing!

looking after yourself/self care

Maintaining motivation & growth


Each session is 2.5 hours 

with unlimited emailing during engagement 


This is an opportunity to explore and share ideas, gain support and feel nurtured while being guided to get the most out of your career, in whatever direction you are seeking. Home work and explorative tasks will be given. 

You will get out of it, what you put in. Simple!

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Investment for Dive Deeper with Renee

is only $990.00 inc GST.

(covers all costs for three months)

You may choose to pay upfront or over 3 payments.


This fee includes everything mentioned in this booklet.


If you decide you just want one private one on one mentorship sessions with Renee, they are offered at $150.00 per hour +GST.


All payments are non-refundable or transferable

and are a tax deduction for you.

Want to join Renee?

Thanks for submitting!

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