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Demand for end-of-life doulas on the rise as palliative care need increases

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Medicine listen up! Birthing on country makes the land shake.

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What does a Doula do?

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An interview with PureCalma, Renee gives insight on Doula support and the ADC.

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Podcast featuring the Australian Doula College founder, Renee Adair

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HOLY SHIT I'm pregnantEpisode 4: Shit Hollywood gets wrong about childbirth

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Doulas adapt services to help navigate birth and  death during the Coronavirus Epidemic

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Renee Adair and the Australian College of Midwives talk about ways to reduce tearing. 

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Conscious Health Practioners Podcast Featuring Renee Adair.

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Doulas are filling the gap where postnatal care is lacking during the 'fourth trimester'


Rev. Crews on 2GB is joined by Renee Adair to learn all there is to know about the profession.

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The Sydney Morning Herald’s “Daily Life” featuring Renee Adair.

What's Renee like?

What's Renee like?

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