Becoming a mother was the most beautiful, terrifying, magical experience of my life.


So many emotions and such a rollercoaster.


It does take a village and Renee is the queen of that village and the best starting point for the journey that anyone could wish for.


Having Renee as my doula was such a blessing. She prepared my mind and changed my approach and experience for my birthing journey. Her beautiful energy, wisdom and understanding wrapped me up in a warm and comforting blanket for the ride. 


In western culture it’s such a clinical experience and new mothers are expected to take the reins and run with it rather than soak up the whole new world that you enter. Having Renee there to nurture, love and guide me through my little warrior’s birth and into the role of motherhood was such a gift.


It’s so important to feel supported during this most precious and challenging time of a woman’s life.


Her credentials in education and her knowledge of natural therapies speak for themselves but it’s also Renee’s open heart, passion and commitment to making it an enriching experience that made it such an empowering experience. 

Milla xxx